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Posted by B-PAUL on May 26, 2010 at 11:00 PM

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If you do not follow the Celtics as religously as some do then before tonight you probably hadn't heard the name Ed Lacerte. Whether you heard his name or not, more than likely you at least saw him on the court or on TV. He is the Head Trainer for the Boston Celtics and tonight he spent more time on the court and on TV than Shelden Williams and Brian Scalabrine.


Before I get on to describing his activity tonight here is a brief bio of Eddie from Celtics.com:

"Ed Lacerte begins his 23rd season with Boston Celtics, making him the longest-serving trainer in the history of the club.


Lacerte was Head Trainer for the Boston University hockey and football teams from 1982 through 1985. He was employed in a physical therapy clinic and was a trainer on the interscholastic level for the next two years before his selection by the Celtics in August, 1987."


It all started towards the end of the first half when there were reports that Rondo was once again dealing with muscle spasms. Lacerte had the job of working with Rondo to get rid of those spasms, or at least lessen the effects of them, so that he could return to the court and be effective. Before the game Rondo dismissed notions that the injury was till bothering him by saying, "I'm feeling better. I'm fine, nothing to worry about." Although he did play better than he did in Game 3 you could tell that this was not the same Rondo that was being talked about as the best player in the playoffs so far. He ended the night with 19 points and 6 assists to go along with a team worst -18 +/- rating, something you don't see from Rondo very often. Official Diagnosis: Undetermined


The game went on and the injury bug didn't stop at Rondo. With 9.7 seconds remaining in the third quarter Glen Davis met the infamous elbow of Dwight Howard's. Davis laid there for over ten seconds with Doc Rivers waving at him to get up and run down the court. He got up, stumbled like he was under the influence of alcohol and then ran into the arms of referee Joey Crawford. With the help of Crawford he slowly fell to the ground and was quickly treated by Ed Lacerte. Official Diagnosis: Concussion


Well I wish I could end this post right now but it wouldn't be complete. With 10:34 remaining in the fourth Marquis Daniels would be the next one to hit the deck. After battling for a ball Daniels collided with Marcin Gortat and went down, but didn't get up. Because a sub was not in the box the Celtics had to waste a foul to sub out Daniels. He was then guided to the bench and treated by the man of the night, Ed Lacerte. Official Diagnosis: Concussion.


There were also reports on Twitter about a possible injury to Rasheed Wallace, but nothing in print. Overall, tonight was just a nightmare for the Celtics. Right when we thought they were healthy this happens. All I know is Ed Lacerte is going to be earning his money in the next few days.

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