Two Games Will Not Destroy This Nation

Posted by B-PAUL on May 28, 2010 at 1:33 AM



A word that is used quite often when speaking about sports is confidence. When playing sports or watching sports it is important to have confidence in yourself, your team, or your favorite team when it comes to being a fan. I am not going to get into the whole roller coaster ride thing because we have covered that enough in the past; I will just say that the confidence of the Celtics fan base has rode the same path that the team has this year.



Going into the playoff the confidence of Celtics fans was obviously pretty shaky. We had experienced eighty-two games of ups and downs and weren't quite sure of what to expect. Lucky for us the Celtics took us to the top of the roller coaster and had Celtics fans thinking Banner 18 was no longer just a distant goal; it was now a reality.



Following a Game 3 blowout in Boston the Celtics took a 3-0 series lead and were only five wins away from becoming 18-time world champions. Fans pulled the brooms out of their closets, dug deep in their pockets to buy tickets, and started planning NBA Finals viewing parties. Well let's just keep it simple by saying that shit surprisingly hit the fan for the Celtics and their fans.



After losing a tough one in overtime of Game 4 Celtics Nation quickly began to get nervous once again. With the Bruins fresh on our minds we all crossed our fingers and hoped for a quick rebound in Game 5 to solidify our place in the NBA Finals.To our disappointment, things once again didn't go as planned. The Celtics got out-played and out-officiated in Game 5 and the Magic closed the gap in the series to 3-2.



Following the Game 5 loss I began to notice something very strange as I observed a lot of Celtics fans. Unlike in the first three games of the series, even with a 3-2 lead still in hand, fans became very negative. It was a complete turn around from what we saw in the two weeks before. Instead of being the team that was destined for greatness people started to believe more in the fact that they could blow a 3-0 series lead than the fact that one win in the next two games would put them in the NBA Finals.



 I'm not going to lie to you, I was one of those people for a small period of time. I think it's human nature to be worried. But as I re-examined the situation today I focused on the positives. There is no way the Magic can shoot any better than they did in Game 5. There is no way the refs could possibly be any worse than they were in Game 5. And quite honestly I don't think the Celtics will play any worse than they did in Game 5.



This team still has a goal that they know they haven't accomplished and that is why I expect a different squad to show up tonight. They know as well as I do that no matter what happens the failure to raise Banner 18 will be a huge disappointment. I expect them them to come out on their home court tomorrow night and play like they did in the first three games of the series. This Celtics team has been here before and knows how to win in these situations. Not to mention the fact that the Magic are still the one's with their back against the wall. I'm not sure if people forgot or not but the Magic have only succeeded in half the battle.



As long as the Celtics come out with the right mentality tomorrow night I expect them to prove the prediction I made before the series of Celtics in 6 to be right. It is no longer about questioning the age, chemistry, or talent level of this team, it is all about how they come out and execute when it matters most. Keep the faith and go Celtics!

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