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Simple, easy word, I know, but a word that is the ultimate goal of life ... it's what most everyone chases throughout their life, consciously or subconsciously. Yes, we have specific goals and aims and accomplishments to achieve, but still the net result, whatever those desires, is what we hope is happiness.


My life has been unusually not so of late ... no need for specifics, just the same stuff that hampers us all at some point, (in an unusually large amount), the baggage that comes with being human. I usually measure my life these days in varying degrees of sadness, and rarely even think of the "H" word, let alone apply it.


But last night I can say the "H" word ... I'm happy, truly happy. My life took a series of positive turns over the last 24 hours, in many different areas, and while I anticipated this win as being the "frosting on the cake", I wasn't about to let myself completely believe it would happen, disappointment being the norm in such cases. Bit it has happened.


The Celtics have won! They have clinched the Eastern Conference Finals and secured a spot in the NBA World Championship Series! They have beaten the odds, silenced the doubters, astonished the critics, frustrated the haters, maddened their opponents, and once again proven to the world that they are not a fluke, and that they are as deserving of the definition "Celtic Pride" as any team in the past.


It's a simple feeling, happiness, and really a simple thing that tends to bring it about. But despite how basic an emotion it may be, it's nonetheless one of life's greatest treasures, and one that, while fleeting and elusive, makes all the times of struggle and discouragement and hoping and searching, just bridges between the small islands of joy in our lives.


So while it's a very easy thing to say, the preciousness and rarety of being able to say it, without hesitation or doubt, is something I have never, or could never, take for granted. Thank you so much, Celtics ... I know the road has not reached it's destination, and that we won't be able to claim true success until we win the championship.


But, despite that outcome, and because of the amazing warriors you have shown yourselves to be, you have given me something priceless ... the ability to say, (at least for now), that I'm truly ...




Go Celtics! I love you guys!

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