Ted Green's idea of fun is going way overboard

Posted by B-PAUL on May 31, 2010 at 11:41 PM


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Earlier this morning I was doing my daily rounds on the list of NBA related sites that I check daily and I came upon this piece written by Jay King over at Celtics Town. In the piece Jay questions Ted Green, a guest writer for the L.A Times, for going way overboard in his "Guide to Hating the Celtics".


Via Celtics Town:

My website isn’t a famous newspaper like the L.A. Times, but even I wouldn’t stoop to attacking somebody’s near-death experience. I wouldn’t even write, “Kobe’s idea of a fun night is going to Denver and having sexual intercourse with a woman who isn’t his wife. Good times!” and I would never think to write “Derek Fisher’s idea of a fun night is going to the hospital in the middle of a playoff game because his child is very sick. Good times!” or “Magic Johnson’s idea of a fun night is getting diagnosed with the H.I.V. virus. Good times!”


Instead of keeping it clean, appropriate, and mature Ted Green shifted it into overdrive to make sure that the piece was completely demoralizing to the Boston Celtics. In his "Guide to Hating the Celtics" Teddy (that's right he doesn't deserve to be called his real name) mentions the usual Paul Pierce flopping stuff, the wheelchair incident in 2008, etc.


Unfortunately for Green he did not stop there. He went on to make a complete asshole out of himself by writing the following:

“By the way, Pierce’s idea of a fun night is going clubbing and getting stabbed. Good times!”

Real cool, right? NOT. What goes on when Pierce is on the court is something you can write about; Being involved in a stabbing that almost ended a great athletes career and life is not something you can write about. Why the L.A Times editors let this by them without deleting that part of the article is beyond me. Just like Jay King mentioned in his article, I'm an amateur blogger and I wouldn't stoop that low. This guy is suppose to be a professional, so much for that.


Later on in the day more people started catching onto the article and the excerpt from Green's article could be found pretty much anywhere. Emails were sent to the L.A Times and eventually the L.A Times deleted the part about the stabbing. Again, I don't understand why they thought it was acceptable in the first place but that's another subject.


So to recap the situation real quick: We have this guy by the name of Ted Green. Ted Green's name was never heard in the journalism world before today. Today he does a guest post for the L.A Times giving reasons to hate the Celtics. One of those reasons is because Paul Pierce was involved in a almost life-ending stabbing. Now as the day winds down his name is everywhere and he has made an informal apology on The Planet Mikey Show on WEEI in Boston.


I guess if you want to gain a few hours of fame this is the way to do it. All I have to say to Ted Green is that you better enjoy your twenty-four hours of fame. I hope the L.A Times realizes that you're garbage and they never allow you to express your thoughts on such a credible source again.


Editors Note: In the original post Ted Green also had Kevin Garnett's current jersey number as #21. Way to express your knowledge Teddy. If you read further in the article he also goes on to refer to Ray Allen's Mom in a negative manner. Real classy, huh?

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