Ray Allen Is a Crazy Man

Posted by GreenBanner18 on June 7, 2010 at 12:11 AM

Classic reaction to being absolutely ON FIRE


After a 27 minute, 3 for 8, 5 foul, 12 point disappointment in Game 1, Ray Allen was 100% determined to write a different script for Game 2. Jesus Shuttlesworth didn't simply go stupid, he went into a coma. His body was in this world, but his abilities were something you fall asleep at night and dream about.


Ray made 1 three, and I thought, "Okay good. Ray is on". Then he made the 2nd and that is typical after he makes the first shot. He kept going by making the third, and fourth, and fifth. At that point I sat back speechless. After a while it just becomes normal. You stop and stare at the television drooling wondering just how many he can hit in a row (well I drooled)..


His run stopped at 7 in a row before he had one go halfway down just to bounce out. Ray Allen finished the game 8-11 from deep. 8 three-pointers in a Finals game broke the previous record of 7 held by Kenny Smith and Scottie Pippen. He also broke the record of 6 threes in the first half held by Michael Jordon by hitting 7.


I won't drag on. If you were a witness to what Ray did in Game 2 of the NBA Finals then you were privileged to watch greatness at its best. AND.......


This is why Ray Allen was not traded, and why the Boston Celtics will resign Ray at the end of the year!


(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

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