Nate Robinson is No Longer the Invisible Short Man

Posted by GreenBanner18 on June 7, 2010 at 4:49 PM

When Nate Robinson first put on a green uniform, he was difficult to see because of his size (or lack thereof). From a height perspective, he is a boy among men. Quickly, however, he became a very valuable piece to the Celtics puzzle. He was a spark to say the least in his first few games with the team. Nate would come in off the bench and knock down 3 after 3 after 3.


That all changed after he had a few off games, and the coaches started to notice that his ability to guard opposing point guards pretty much neutralized the point of him being on the floor in the first place. He may score, but then he would have the tendency to give it right back up on the other end.


Although he was always very active on the bench through getting involved with the crowd and cheering on his teammates, as the playoffs drew near, and eventually got under way, his time on the floor was no longer there.


Was Doc Rivers simply trying to make Nate Robinson feel better by saying in a presser one day, "Nate Robinson will win us a game in the playoffs. There will be a game when we are flat and he will come in to give us a spark"??


Doc knows his players very well and hit this one on the head. Nate has been coming in when Jordan Farmar is on the court to relieve Rondo of some minutes. This is a perfect matchup for Robinson because Farmar isn't exactly known as a scorer, or a defender for that matter.


We all know how big he was in Game 6 against the Orlando Magic. In that game he took over the 2nd quarter with 13 points in what seemed to be no time at all to lead the charge for the C's. In last nights game, he somewhat quietly propelled the Celtics to victory.


What Robinson did in Game 2 hides behind the lights out shooting of Ray Allen, and the clutch activity by Rondo late in the game. When the Celtics NEEDED to give Rondo a break so he could be ready to finish out the game, Nate Robinson stepped up. With the Green down 2 at 9 minutes to play, he hit a huge 3 to put the team up 1. He followed that up just moments later with a layup to put the Celtics up 3, and 2 big free throws a couple minutes later to tie the game up after Boston gave up a few baskets to the Lakers.


What a great addition to have a player that needs zero rhythm from game to game, and can come right in and play outstanding. He can take 10 games off and come in with the same accuracy as if he just played a complete game the night before..


Big time minutes from an undersized player.. Great work Nate..

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