NBA Finals Game 2 Officiating Grade

Posted by GreenBanner18 on June 7, 2010 at 9:35 PM




So now we have the Lakers fans blaming the loss of Game 2 on the officials. I find this amusing for an array of reasons, some of which I will mention: The Celtics shot a higher FG%. The Celtics shot a much higher 3 point %. The Celtics shot a higher FT%. The Celtics had 5 more rebounds, 3 of which were offensive rebounds. The Celtics had 10 more assists. The Celtics had 2 fewer turnovers. THAT Lakers fans.. is why your team lost Game 2.


Now onto the reasoning behind my grade for the officials in Game 2.... It was worse than Game 1. There was only 1 thing that held me from giving them an F and I will explain that in a bit.


AGAIN, the refs were extremely inconsistent. What is, and what is not a foul?? The problem is that nobody, not even the players (OR THE OFFICIALS) know that answer. Kevin Garnett was slammed with 2 quick fouls, one of which was on the way down the court in which the refs saw Gasol flail his arms (whats new?) and called the foul based on that. KG, welcome to the bench 3 and a half minutes into the game..


Then there was a play in which Gasol got doubled when Pierce swung over, and Pierce went straight up just for Gasol to act like he got murdered into getting the call. At the opposite end of the court, not much was a foul for the majority of the game. Everything was a block, hence the reason the Lakers had 14 "blocks" to the Celtics 3.


You could tell the Lakers understood what was going on. The one play that shows the Lakers knew all they had to do was flop to get a call was when Derek Fisher took the ball and dribbled to the free throw line, flailed his arms in the air, bricked it off the side of the backboard, and didn't get the call FOR ONCE.. He was upset because that was the crap they had gotten all game.


To the Lakers credit, there were some bad calls againts them, but not nearly the amount that the Celtics had to deal with. There were 2 bad calls against Kobe, alright? They weren't good.


As for what removed the F from the forehead of the officials in Game 2, we have to go to the great noncall. I can't remember who it was, it may have been Perkins and Gasol, or Garnett and Gasol, or whoever it was, but they were just tangled up. The refs blew the whistle and as has become natrual, you expect their to be a stupid double technical to be called. Instead what happened, and I wish it happened more, the refs just looked at the two players, clapped his hands, and basically said, "That's enough lets just keep playing." We need more of this in the playoffs, and even in the regular season. These are two grown ass men who can have a few words with each other without needing the baby sitter ref to step in..


Overall, the officiating needs to step their game up. This is the NBA Finals and we as fans deserve to see 2 teams going at it. To get to that level the ticky tack fouls need to go away so the best players can be on the floor whenever the coach wants them to be (and not limited due to getting quick fouls)...


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