Big Baby is a clutch performer

Posted by B-PAUL on June 9, 2010 at 5:06 PM


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You might find the title to this article as being kind of weird considering the final score of last night's game and I understand that; however, when I was watching last night's game I came to realize that Glen Davis is a late game performer. This was something that didn't stick out to me before, but for some reason it flashed upon me last night after watching his play in the fourth quarter.


Big Baby will probably never be someone you have to lockdown in the final seconds of the game. He won't hit you with a dagger three point shot like Ray Allen or a jumper over the hands of a defender like Paul Pierce. What he will do is give his team hard earned baskets when they need them the most.


He will hit the opponent with one of his classic "and one's" or put his body on the line for an offensive rebound that could lead to an easy lay-up. You'll see him do these things every so often in the first three quarters of a game, but you'll notice it a lot more in the fourth quarter.


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(Fast forward to around 2:00)


At many points this season Celtics head coach Doc Rivers has choosen to go with Davis over other players like Kendrick Perkins and Rasheed Wallace. Most of the time Davis doesn't leave Rivers regretting the decision.


In last night's game Davis twelve points off the bench on 4-5 shooting, while grabbing three rebounds. Nine of those twelve points came in the fourth quarter after being invisible for the first thirty-six minutes of the game. In Game 2 he also scored six out of his eight points in the final fifteen minutes of the game. These numbers don't stick out as much as last night's, but they do prove that he seems to be a much different player late in games.


So from now on just keep an eye on Big Baby during the later moments of games. I think you'll eventually pick up on this, if you haven't already, and realize he brings a completely different level of energy when his team needs it the most.

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