Five reasons why you should believe in the Celtics tomorrow night

Posted by B-PAUL on June 9, 2010 at 10:11 PM


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Lets Go!!!! Lets Go!!! Lets Go!!! Let Me Hear It!!!!


I hate, hate, hate, hate negativity during this time of the year. I understand if it is midway through the season and the team is working out kinks. Example: A March 10th twenty point loss at home against Memphis. At that time it is fine to get a little down on the team because you expect more from them. Contrary to that, going into Game 4 of the NBA Finals is not the time to start fading away from your team.


This is the NBA Finals. Celtics v. Lakers. Mano-a-mano. The Celtics need the fans more than ever. They may be down 2-1, but like I said in a post earlier today, they are not out. If you can continue to support them, they will continue to fight. With all of this being said I am about to provide with five reasons why you should believe in the Celtics tomorrow night.


#1 There is no way Ray Allen can play any worse than he did in Game 3.

If you would have told me Ray Allen was going to have his worst playoff performance in his career Tuesday night I would have told you to head down to the nearest psych ward. After making an NBA Finals record eight three pointers in Game 2 Ray came out and shot 0-13 from the field in Game 3. Knowing Ray's tendancies I can guarantee you he will come out a much different man in Game 4. As he said, "He'll be shooting until his hands bleed."


#2 Kevin Garnett looked rejuvanated in Game 3.

In the first two games of the series Kevin Garnett looked like he was going to be non-existant during this series. He was getting dominated by Pau Gasol and looked like he had lost any confidence he built up so far in the playoffs. Behind an energized crowd at the Garden KG looked as if he had inserted a new pair of Energizer batteries in his legs. He performed well early in the game scoring the first six points of the game, but most importantly he performed well late. Hopefully he can keep this up when he steps on the parquet floor tomorrow night.


#3 The Celtics have already proven this post season that they can win after being down 2-1 in a seven game series.

Does a 29 point loss in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semi-finals against the Celveland Cavaliers ring a bell? Following that loss the Celtics went on to win six straight games before losing two games in the ECF against Orlando. Maybe getting down 2-1 is the wake up call they needed. Only time will tell.


#4 Paul Pierce is due to have a break out game.

Nothing is more disappointing than seeing my role model fail in the big moments of the NBA Finals. Being brought up in the 90's Paul Pierce is the Boston Celtics in my opinion. I have watched his famous step back jumper swish through the rim since the day my Dad put me in front of a televison to watch a game. That famous jumper is what I want to see in Game 4. I know he still has it after watching him in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals. I'm just waiting for him to bring it out. I'm waiting for him to be the motha (expletive) TRUTH!!!


#5 The refs can't get any worse.

I know, I know, the refs have been bad for both sides. Tell me something I don't know. The refereeing in this series has been atrocious. The days of watching intense NBA playoff basketball are over if the refs continue with the trend they have set in the first three games. Before the series everyone, even Lakers experts, stated that they believed the Celtics were the more physical team. If I do the math correctly that means that a tightly called game would favor the Lakers. But then again maybe I'm wrong. The good news for the C's is that I don't think they could call a game anymore tighter than the first three.

There you have it. Enjoy, disect, and discuss. Beat L.A!!!

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