Being A Celtics Fan - It's a Way of LIfe

Posted by GreenBanner18 on June 9, 2010 at 11:55 PM

Call me nuts.. Call me stupid.. Call me whatever you want to call me, but I have a feeling that many people out there in Celtics Nation go through the same things I do. Being a Celtics fan is not just fun in the sun as we hold onto the most NBA Championships in the league. It's not just flipping on the television every night before I go to bed and use the game as something I fall asleep to. It's more than this, and it has instead become a passion and a way of going about life.


A loss is not just a loss. Any string of losses during the regular season leads to bad days. It got to a point this season when I skipped out on a couple of games. I missed the games based on my own better judgment as the games were driving me absolutely crazy. They were beyond frustrating. Realize that this is in no way shape or form "bandwagon" or "fair weather". If you even suggest that about me I can tell you upfront that you are dead wrong.


Saving money is no longer for a new watch, or new clothes, or a gaming console, or whatever you can think of. I can wear the same pair of underwear all week.. (kidding) Saving money gets you into that arena during the biggest games of the year. Suddenly the financial questions are, "Is there any way possible for me to buy this ticket and get into the Garden to catch this game?"

You hafta get there because you need to cheer live. There is sitting in your living room yelling at the tv, and then there is being there yelling with 18,624 fans who bleed the same color green as you. I personally use this time as a moment to relive everything that has stressed me out or pissed me off all year. At Game 6 of the Cavs series I thought back to everyone saying all year that the Cavs were going to the Finals. I thought back to how everyone said the Celtics were going to get swept by the Cavs. I thought back to the games when Mo Williams walked around the court like he was the man. I thought back to the game when the Cavs came back and acted cocky on our home court. And on, and on, and on, and on... That is what fuels me to yell so loud, for so long, that passing out is in my near future if I don't stop myself before it is too late.


Everybody has their "thing". For some people it is cars- for others it is riding a motorcycle. For me it is Celtics Basketball. After a loss I now have 2 choices: Get on Gino's Jungle, and as a therapeudic exercise write everything on my mind - Or, go to bed and write when I can actually think straight. Different games call for different measures, and it is completely up in the air until my emotions are deciphered at games end.


Brandon and I have said it many times, and I will say it again: We are fans who blog, not bloggers where being a fan is secondary. After Game 3 of the NBA Finals, writing about the game was the very last thing on my mind. The only thing I wanted to do less than write about the disappointing game I had just witnessed was watch reruns of Full House. My bed was my destination to sleep off some of the anger..


But then, when everything is good, days are awesome. After a win the team is going places.. There isn't anyone who can beat the Celtics ever (atleast that is what I think the day after). The smile is just planted on my face all day long and nothing, not even a busted up car can take it away because the Celtics are friggin' winning, alright?


It is all day by day. I realize they can't win it every year, but what does that matter? My plan is never that they are going to lose it, so I'm with the team until the final destination is reached. You may think this is way too obsessive or that I am making this Celtics way of life into a much bigger thing than I should.. Well.. You talk and worry about your car too much, and you talk and worry about your motorcycle too much.. So just how crazy is it really for me to put this team on the forefront of my brain, anyways??

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