Celtics Are Winning Without The "Crazy Good" Rondo

Posted by GreenBanner18 on June 12, 2010 at 7:51 PM



Rajon Rondo was insane in the 2nd and early in the 3rd round of the NBA playoffs. Because of those games, he was beginning to be named the new leader of the Boston Celtics. The baton had been handed from the Big 3 to the starting point guard (in the publics eyes).


Rondo was giving those people a very strong argument. He was in every aspect of the word LEADING the Celtics to a lot of their victories in those rounds. From out of this world triple-doubles, to diving on the floor to show who wants the game more, it appeared as though the entire scene of the C's had shifted, and Rondo was now the guy standing in the front, and would be for the future...


Not so fast. Since game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Rajon Rondo has not been that same player that made you literally drool like Glen Davis. His dominant presence has been showing up in spurts, but nothing like the 42+ minutes of nuts basketball he played for that one stretch.


Suddenly in the NBA Finals, everything is shifting back to the way we thought it would be. Every night the Celtics are depending upon the TEAM, led by a member of the Big 3. Whether it be Ray Allen going off for record breaking numbers, or Kevin Garnett taking over Game 3, or even Pierce showing signs of life in Game 5, it seems right now, this team is relying on the Big 3.


Right now it is not enough, though. It has nothing to do with that the Big 3 can't get it done anymore, its that they can't get it done on the same night. If even so much as 2 members of the Big 3 have an "on" night, the Celtics can't be beat.


BUT... There is nothing I can take away from Rondo. If he has one of his nasty games, he becomes a member of the "Big 4", and then all the Celtics need is 2 out of 4 to be good on any given night (which is better... it's better to have to rely on only 50 percent of a group of players to play well than it is 67 percent, right?? I love stats).. I have more on this topic, and a different view on something very similar to it in an upcoming post.. I don't want to make this a Harry Potter book length so you have to set aside 3 weeks to read it. If you are interested just read the above post. 


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