5 Keys to a Game 5 victory

Posted by B-PAUL on June 13, 2010 at 2:00 PM

If you read Gino's Jungle regulary you probably know that we aren't big fans of the ol' fashion previews you can find on many sites around the web. So today as we get ready for Game 5 of the NBA Finals I have come up with five keys to a Celtics Game 5 victory. Because I'm almost too excited to type I'll keep it short and sweet.


#1 - Ray Allen needs to be Jesus Shuttlesworth

Don't ask me what happened to Ray Allen in the past two games, but I would have never predicted he would have struggled like he did. He has not hit a three point shot in the past two games and he needs to break that streak tonight. Every three he makes (or misses) is a huge momentum changer.

#2 - Take it to Bynum

By now we have all heard about Bynum's bum knee. The only way to see how hurt it really is, is to attack him. Rondo needs to attack the hoop early and Perkins needs to get physical with him down low. If they both do this and Bynum show's any sign of weekness that will open up holes for the Celtics.

#3 - The bench needs to keep rolling

After a Game 4 victory I'm sure that guys like Glen Davis and Nate Robinson are pretty excited about what they did; however, they need to put that behind them now. They need to come out and once again bring tons of energy off the bench. If they can do this and outplay the Lakers bench that will be a huge advantage for the C's.

#4 - The Jungle needs to be rocking

Many people who attended Game 4 at the TD Garden said that it was the craziest atmosphere they have ever been in. Well, if those same people are attending Game 5 they need to be sure that Game 5 of the 2010 NBA Finals will be the craziest atmosphere they have ever been in.

#5 - Nothing easy for L.A

During this series the Lakers have scored so many easy baskets because of the Celtics mistakes. Whether it be because someone didn't rebound with two hands, or someone didn't protect the ball well, the Lakers have scored way too many easy baskets. The C's need to make sure they play smart and limit these easy one's for L.A if they want to come out on top. In a game like this every basket will be crucial so the C's need to have their heads in the game for a full 48 minutes.

This will be the last thing you see from me until after Game 5 tonight. Enjoy, disect, and discuss. I'll be back later, hopefully with a exciting recap of the Celtics Game 5 win.




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