Is Game 6 a must win for the Celtics?

Posted by B-PAUL on June 14, 2010 at 8:50 PM



I want to start off by saying that I don't think there has been a game all series that someone hasn't labeled as a "must win" for one team or the other. Outside of the random stats we have heard, the term "must win" has probably been the most annoying thing I've heard all series.


In Game 1 the Celtics HAD to win because of Phil Jackson's record in series in which his team won Game 1. In Game 2 the Celtics were in a "must win" situation because they couldn't afford to have to go back to L.A for a Game 6 or possible Game 7. They took care of business in Game 2 and as a result turned Game 3 into a "must win" because they needed to take care of the home court advantage they had acquired in L.A.


Well, things didn't go as planned and the C's dropped Game 3. Then it was onto the "must win" Game 4. There was no way the C's could afford to go down 3-1, no way in hell. It was a "must win". They took care of business and moved onto a "must win" Game 5. The statistics favoring the team that won Game 5 were substantial and the difference between going back to L.A up 3-2 and down 3-2 was huge.



So let's recap real quick in case I lost you through all that mumble-jumble. Game 1 - "must win". Game 2 - "must win". Game 3 - "must win". Game 4 - "must win". Game 5 - "must win". So I guess that leads into a question you probably know the answer to going into Game 6. Is Game 6 a must win for the Boston Celtics?


If you followed the trend correctly the answer to that question is yes. Yes, it is a must win for the Celtics. The reason being that they can not afford to chance playing a Game 7 away from their homecourt. As the series stands right now they have this series in their hands; all they need to do is capitalize.


The guys in green need to treat this game as if it was a Game 7, just like they did in a crucial Game 6 in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals against Cleveland. Right now the Lakers are flustered, whether they want to admit it or not. Phil Jackson is running out of answers for the Celtics and Kobe Bryant must be fired up inside after getting no help in Game 5.


The good news for the Celtics is that if they do slip up in Game 6 they do have one last chance. But that is one last chance they would rather avoid. If it does go to a Game 7 I can guarantee you that game will be a must win. After all, a team that wins Game 7 in an NBA playoff series wins the series 100% of the time.


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